“…you feel antsy and weird when you don’t have some…”

Despite being a member of, in Anthony Bourdain’s words, the “Hezbollah-like splinter faction” that is the vegan community, Colleen Shea is also the author of the charming Jam and Idleness blog, a friend and fellow book lover.

In the spirit of inclusiveness—and to perhaps balance out my many essays on flank steak—let me please share Colleen’s wonderful personal essay I Was a Salad-Hating Vegan, which is up over at Food Riot.

She manages to compare salad eating to smoking and now I want a cigar…


Update: Colleen has become an official Food Rioter and has posted a hilarious new piece on taking a knife skills class—check back for more of her work in the future.

Ha, thanks for linking to my little article. :)

There used to be a great food blog called Hezbollah Tofu. It was an early blog/crowd-sourcing project in which all the recipes in La Halles were being veganized. It disappeared a long time ago, but then must have been sold to someone because they wanted the traffic (I guess?) because it’s now all about home theatre systems. Confusing.

Thanks again!


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